The German Home was founded by the German Ruth Society of the former United Presbyterian Church of Lawrence, Massachusetts. The German Home was initially founded to care for the children of the German mill workers, but in 1913 changed its mission to work with elder German mill workers who were unable to care for themselves.

Early in its history, the home mainly served the German immigrants living in Lawrence, Massachusetts, but in 1962 the German Home received its Non-Profit status and changed its charter to open the doors and arms in welcoming everyone. The German Home is a 31 bed IV Rest Home serving the Greater Merrimack valley and surrounding areas.

Today, the German Home tries to be just that- a home. We seek to enhance the quality of life for those it provides care to who have lost the ability to live on their own. The German Home’s mission is to foster independence in a “home-like” environment by supporting the emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical wellbeing of the resident. It is the intent of the German Home to assure that our residents live with dignity. The German Home strives to provide quality care that is important to our resident’s success.
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